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Paris Hilton was born February 17, 1981, daughter of Rick and Kathy Hilon, making her the great-grandaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotels and the first of Elisabeth Taylor´s ex-husbands.

After finishing high school, Paris decided to not make college.Around the year 2000, Paris decided to become famous. She started as a model showing her name and appearing in shows for designers like Catherine Malandrino. At the same time, Paris became center of attention for her relationships...not always real. In the list is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Furlong, Oscar De La Hoya, the model Jason Shaw, Nick Carter and her current boyfriend Paris Latsis.

After the tape accident, Paris decided to clean up her image by trying to appear at tv. She worked at the Ben Stiller movie, Zoolander. She also appeared in other movies and tv shows like Nine Lives. Paris and her sister Nicky became the most knowed socialites in the world.

Paris released many of her products like the book "Confessions Of An Heiress" on which she tells how is to be an heiress, her perfume and even her first cd.

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